Your First Lesson

Come in for your first FREE, private lesson (no obligation).

See how quickly and easily you can learn and have fun.

No Partner Necessary

Single or couples, any age group. You will work one-on-one with an instructor. There is no extra charge for a couple. Any age group is welcome. Do let us know if you are coming alone or with a partner so we can choose the right instructor for you.


We know that you might feel apprehensive about taking lessons. We understand that, and know how to put you at ease. You will feel so much more confident after your first lesson.

What To Wear

Wear comfortable, cool clothing. Sneakers and rubber-soled shoes do not work well.

Gentleman—smooth or leather-soled shoes work best.

Ladies—same as above. Small heels preferred.


First private lesson is FREE.

After that, you decide how good you want to be and how fast. To be a good social dance usually takes 3-4 months, depending on your schedule.

Want to "Dance Like the Stars"? We can take you there!